(SOLVED) Printer/scanner not working

I have a Brother All-in-one DCP-J562DW printer/scanner, but I don’t get that to work. all is installed, but it seems Endeavouros can’t find the driver while it is already installed, what to do now ?

It is connected with an USB cable, so I followed the wiki about Printers. And I installed brother-dcp-j562dw from the aur. Without success.

Hi @anon5723111,

Could you check if your printer is detected and give this result if yes ?


what happens when you tape in your browser ?


Check also the socket activation with CUPS


Here some links about your printer :



I had to install lib32-libstdc++5 from the aur, so now printing works. For the scanner I forgot to install brscan4 from the aur, so that works also now.

I mark this topic as solved. Thanks for the help @FLVAL :slight_smile:

Great you got it to work, yep it misses very often some librairies. :rocket: