SOLVED option

I read many topics which are listed by the OP as “solved” by so-and-so in Post No. X but these topics are often not marked as “solved” in the title.

I know that it is easy to mark topics solved in the title (I do it myself) but I think that it would be easier if there were a “Solved” option at the bottom of a post or topic so that the OP could easily mark the topic as solved. I think that having a subject marked solved in the title, which I think would be meaningful, would make the topic more useful to readers.

Once selected, the option would automatically edit the title to feature [SOLVED] ahead of the title’s name.

Could this be done and do others (especially the administrators and moderators) think that such an option would be worthwhile?

Just my suggestion …


Marking a post as the solution will update the thread title with a :heavy_check_mark: . It’s not the same as a “[solved]” marker, but very similar.

Prepending text was requested of the Discourse “Solution” plugin author but they didn’t see the value of it as a feature.

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