[Solved] Notifications Storage Device problems after update

After updating, then reboot today, I started getting a notification saying

Storage Device Problems
(name of drive) is showing indications of instability.

Two Notifications, One for each drive

After update on another machine, it did the same thing, but has more drives in it.
just seemed to pick 2 of them and display that message 1 for each drive.

So I’m wondering if anyone has seen this yet?

I searched for this, but nothing has showed up yet

Info center → Devices → SMART status

Maybe it will tell you some more and your drives really have problems, but since it’s directly linked to update on 2 different machines - i think it’s a buggy behavior of KDE’s SMART status…

God i hate KDE bloat (meaning it’s very hard to keep such a huge codebase without bugs) :sweat_smile:

As of today’s update, the notifications disappeared on one machine, but not the other.

Maybe one machine did not get the same update yet?
Only guessing, but don’t know what the difference in updates are between the the two.

Is it possible it’s plasma-disks (5.22.0-1 → 5.22.1-1)?

Edit: You can check the pacman log in /var/log/pacman.log

Plasma-disks was indeed updated on both.
I reinstalled it on the one but did no good.
I used this on both machines and saved as files
$ grep -i upgraded /var/log/pacman.log

Kept todays date’s but removed timestamps then ran
$ diff -y file1 file2

That gave me a side by side comparison output

Unfortunately, still didn’t find anything that stuck out as what is wonko with this.
Hopefully it goes away on it’s own like the other did.

You had it on another machine also? I thought you had asked about this once before. :thinking:

Yup, after an update not long ago started getting notifications on two machines that had 2 drives going bad on each.
After today’s update, on this machine, those 2 notifications went away, but not on the other machine.

I’m sure there was a similar thing in the past, but never concerning the hard drives.

I didn’t get a chance to reply yesterday, but the notifications showed back up after being gone for a day.
It’s just weird it’s doing that, one of the drives isn’t even mounted.
Just thought I’d mention that it started again on this machine, I’ll get more time over the weekend to fiddle with it.

I had this exact same message at today’s update on one of my HP EliteBook machines. Running SMART tests didn’t seem to flesh out any further issues, and I didn’t think it was anything but an old drive acting up on my machine, but the timing of your post caught my eye. Thanks.

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That’s both good and bad to know.
I was kind of hoping the timing of it all would turn up someone else that got it as well.

Just logged into my server and the notifications are gone on that machine now?? But so was the welcome menu for some reason.

Currently doing updates then will restart it.
After update and reboot, they came back.
Oh well, wait for the weekend to mess with it I guess.

Just a quick update. Plasma-disks updated today, no change.
Not that that’s the issue, just saying, it updated.

The same thing is happening to me. I have four disk drives (three HDDs and one SSD) and on every login I get that same notification for one specific HDD. The other three disks seem to be fine.

The supposedly troublesome disk has a large partition formatted to NTFS and a smaller one in ext4. I tried running ntfsfix and booting into Windows to “check for errors” and defragment, but the notification still appears every time I log in.

Here’s the output of sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdc2: https://pastebin.com/ER6mPcb6

I’m all backed up so I’m not too worried about the drive suddenly failing but I’d rather not have to buy a replacement. What can a person do to correct whatever error SMART is detecting?

A solution may have been found.
Just updated the two trouble machines, and notifications are gone on both at the moment.

I have rebooted one so far to see if it would show, but so far so good.

If it’s relevant to anyone, not saying this was the issue, but this did update.
plasma-disks → 5.22.3-1

If anything changes I’ll report back.

At the risk of future imperial entanglements, but no problems today, I mark solved due to needed update…no new hard drives needed, so now if you made it this far, you can un-pucker your rear end from having to run out and buy new drives LMAO :stuck_out_tongue:
stupid glitches…bad bad, shame :stuck_out_tongue:

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