[SOLVED] No Updates Coming My Way?

Not sure where to post this, so seems fitting here.

I’m a few months into Endeavour, and I used to always have 5-10 updates a DAY. But for weeks now, it has been bone dry. There something I need to change?

I use Octopi to check updates, but I have also ran a pacman -Syu and a yay -Sua and get nothing.


A lack of updates normally means your mirror has stopped syncing.

Check your mirror’s status via https://archlinux.org/mirrors/status/, or just refresh your mirror list and check for updates again.


How do I refresh my mirror list? I tried looking this over online, to no avail. I know it ran a check to find the best servers.

use reflector-simple application. It is included with your :enos: install

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Oh, thank you. Yes, that worked. now I have 12899 packages to install… LOL

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how long didn’t you update for?


That last 9’s gotta be a typo…


Oh, it’s got to be a few weeks worth…

who knows

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If your issue is solved don’t change the title, click the three dots … on the bottom of post that solved your solution i.e. Jonathon’s post and mark it as the solution

Oh, OK, I was used to doing that… LOL

I’m certain it is a typo. The user nobody has that many packages installed.

I haven’t updated my laptop for about a year – last week I just remembered that I have it, and I actually had to look for it – it only had about a thousand or so packages to update.

I actually had to partially update it several times, because it didn’t have the new keys in the arch-keyring, and there was an update to pacman, and glibc, and there were dependency cycles… It was a messy update, wouldn’t recommend. But even that system could be updated.


Yeah, after I wrote that the last 9 in 12899 packages was probably a typo, it occurred to me that I have fewer than even 1289 total packages installed :laughing:.

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I guess technically it’s possible :rofl:

pacman -Ssq | wc -l

But that’s only 12675 total packages - you’d have to throw in a couple hundred AUR packages too :laughing:.

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