-- SOLVED -- No terminal

Hello all,

Installation went fine, used online method, I wanted KDE but not all of thier bs, so just took plasma, also didn’t take the nvidia-dkrm from base/common catagory (all AMD here).

But now I have no terminal, konsole wasn’t listed under KDE, thought Alacritty was default (mine too), guess it is on default xfce.

So can some refresh my memory on how to go back to live USB and install it.

I installed on a specific partition, nvme0n1p3, p1 is boot, p2 is vanilla arch, p4 debian… p5 etc… yes all work.

Thanks in advance,

You can switch to tty and Install konsole from there.

welcome, and i am sorry for your issue… may you untag a bit to much packages, what causes konsole not be installed, as @csteinforth say switch to TTY3 [Ctrl+Alt+F3] and install konsole will be the easy way:
sudo pacman -S konsole



I only use the plasma-desktop, but konsole does come with it, apparently the way it is setup to install with Calamares doesn’t work that way. Also unticked firefox from the base/common catagory. To bad all distros push firefox or chrome/ium and not offer anything else.

All good now, thanks again.

You may accept @joekamprad post as solution. And welcome to our community :enos: !


Dependencies (26)


konsole is in kde-utilities-meta

- plasma
- kdeconnect
- fwupd
- python-dbus   
- kde-system-meta
- kde-utilities-meta
- kio-fuse
- kio-gdrive
- audiocd-kio
- gwenview
- ark
- okular
- spectacle
- dragon
- elisa
- print-manager

would be installed per default on EOS install.

My vanilla arch install was yay -S plasma-desktop, and konsole was included. No biggy, got what I want/need.

Now I know when I install any other kde distro, instead of deleting all of the unwanted one by one, just uninstall kde-utilites-meta, after I install Alacritty.

Learn something new every day.

Thank you joe

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In Arch, PKGBUILD files show the dependencies of packages. Meta packages have only dependencies, and they are a way to collect many packages under one name.

For example, https://github.com/archlinux/svntogit-packages/blob/packages/kde-applications-meta/trunk/PKGBUILD shows what is collected under kde-utilities-meta.


Yes I know that, never really looked at the kde-utilites-meta pkg.

“MY” real problem is I lost some of my memory functions after a heart attack. When joekamprad said switch to TTY3 it clicked for me instantly.

If/when I install EOS KDE from now on, it will be the same way as I did now. Untick everything except plasma, then add the few other addons I prefer. KDE is nice, but bloated with way to much garbage with a full install.


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Sorry to hear about the heart attack. Hope you are better now.

Welcome here, and have fun with EndeavourOS! :smile:

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