[Solved]No Boot after Updating

following a update ( -Syu) performed this morning the booting is out of service : the boot menu indicate " vmlinuz to be replaced or something like that "; after a grub updating & reinstalling - from another linux - EOS in the boot menu is not present , the EOS is not finded !!!
What to do please to recover my EOS? the udating was very short ( update ounce per week )
Regarding boot folder , it contents :slight_smile:
-3 subfolders : syslinux , grub , efi
-one file :intel-ucode.img

Boot up your EnOS’ live usb and post the output of:

sudo parted -l

If this is the content of your EnOS’ /boot directory then the kernel images seem to be gone.

You would need to use your EnOS’ live usb, chroot into your system, reinstall your kernels and also fix the Grub from there.

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Matter closed this morning by : pacman -S linux-lts ; this done after chroot
I strongly recommend to have in parrallel a second linux distro in order to close this kind of main issues! I used Mx21 with “chroot” and “boot repair” available from install : these 2 GUI applis are really usefull with EOS !!!
I fail to understand how it’s possible loose the kernel during an update !!
Thanks to you pebcab but I prefered use my 2nd distro preferably than usb-live.

Glad you got the issue resolved.

I have some reservation against this recommendation.
Not all users have or want a dual/multi boot system.
However, the majority of users have, most probably, kept their installation media around.

Also, not all Linux distros have GUI applications like the ones MXLinux have for chrooting and repairing the bootloader. More, not all the implementations of Grub can create a bootable entry for Arch (-based) systems. As far as I know, MXLinux’ Grub is among the exceptions.