[SOLVED]New installation, cannot login to worm

Hello, I’m an archlinux user and I just installed Endeavouros community edition with worm WM. I didn’t get any installation error, but when system rebooted and tried to login to worm from lxdm(which seems that is the DM used), nothing happen and the lxdm freezed(I mean that only the cursor can move but cannot select or click to anything any more). I can login to my user from another tty, and also can start twm via startx. I also tried to restart lxdm service, but again when I try to login it just freezes. I found in another thread here that need to have an rc file in ~/.config, but I have nothing there. Do I need to do something extra after installation?
Seems that needed extra steps for worm WM to work. I needed to copy the content from /etc/xdg/.config directory to ~/.config. Maybe it’s an installation bug?