[SOLVED] LightDM Issue

Hello EOS Team,

I am new to LightDM. I use SDDM by default as Plasma is my DE of choice. But the other night I had a firend who had issues with nVidia/Intel hybrid, but all that is solved by switching to LightDM from SDDM. Only now, I do not know how to enable autologin.

First excuse me for posting here, since this is not directly related to EOS, as I built my own Distro from scratch’ish… I just want to enable Autologin post-install when user selects it in Calamares. Only my issue is my Distro uses SDDM by default, and I know it’s different than LightDM and I cannot use both in calamares.

I just added LightDM to my Distro for peeps with Hybrid setups coz it just works. The issue my friend was having was, with SDDM, no matter what combo he chose in calamares for GPU Optimus-QT wasn’t allowing him to switch to nVidia from Intel, once we switched to LightDM all was fine and went smooth as a baby’s bottom…

With that said, I was wondering if anyone here knows of a way of circumventing this via a script of sorts to make it autologin post install. I know how to configure it on first logon that’s not the point. I hope I made my point clear enough.

If this post is inappropriate, feel free to let me know and I shall bother you no more…

Thanks :wink:


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That’s exactly what I said I knew how to do. Not what I want. I need it to Autologin right after install not configure after install… But thanks for attempt

calamares can do it :wink:

so if only lightdm is getting installed calamares should be able to configure autologin.

Thing is SDDM is being installed as well coz of a Plasma dependency since my Distro is Plasma… In Calamares I have LightDM as selection… So if checked SDDM and LightDM get installed but I have a script called displaymanager-check so if LightDM is checked it will uninstall SDDM via pacman -Rdd sddm…

Question is if I do like you mentioned above will it work ?

SDDM isn’t actually required by that many things - Required By (3)

So, if you want to use LightDM, Plamsa can. So you installed, then uninstalled?

Maybe it’s a translation issue, because I’m confused here.

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Looks like the OP is asking for help with configuring Calamares for their own distro:

Hence, this isn’t an SDDM or LightDM issue.

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OH, I missed that. It’s like 4am here. I really should be getting to work.

I have no idea how to create a distro. Good luck!

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I fixed it guys…

Solved issue… All I had to do was add lightdm to calamares and use script to set it … All is good now thanks :wink:

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