[solved] Libreoffice crashes when I try to open any template

I am using many writer templates since years. They include formulas and calculate invoices. Since some days some of them (*.ott) cannot be opened with LO - LO crashes immediately. Some of the templates still worked 2…3 days ago. Today I want to open some of the ones which worked last days - and now I cannot open any of the old templates. All lead to LO crash. But I can open all saved documents which are the result of the templates. This is a very big problem and I hope somenoe can point me how to fix that.

Try to launch LibreOffice needed program from terminal and then open your template, to see which exactt errors (if any) it will spit out to terminal when crash, then post it here so we can analyze :slight_smile:

First things first, since you need it for some work, if you’re using libreoffice-fresh - try libreoffice-still and see if it’s not affected…

If only fresh is affected and no one will help here, it’s probably best to report to libreoffice upstream :space_invader:

P.S. That’s just general thoughts, i’m not using LibreOffice myself :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for pointing me to “fresh”… Yes - I am using fresh up to now. There is no error message thrown when I start it in terminal and open a template. But staging back to libreoffice-still fixes the problem. There is a problem with lo-fresh…

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Turns out “fresh” is the new “rotten” :laughing:

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