[SOLVED] Latest reinstall leaves me with a couple questions - reboot notify help

I had to reinstall not long ago [about 2 weeks ago] and thought I’d share a couple things and also need a little help.

I use plasma on all my systems and on this one had to reinstall as I think my drive was failing.
So for starters I thought I’d mention after getting installation done,
and reboot, I get a black screen.
I pretty much knew this was because video drivers were not working, at all.
However in the past, even with my nvidia card in, I would get generic drivers that would boot to the desktop.
I bring this up, because this would confuse a newcomer.

Is something in the process of being changed to make generic drivers work again
on a new reinstall?

The other thing I’d like to know is that I noticed at some point, before the reinstall, the trigger that notifies the user a reboot is required has ceased to function on all four of my machines.
My new install with plasma, has made the reboot notify work again.
Having noticed this, I thought I’d mention that something somewhere broke this function on 4 different machines and thought maybe no one else noticed?

I realize seasoned users know when to reboot, however I prefer it if it did work, as it’s one less thing to think about when I come home and update 4 systems.

So, here is my other question.
What do I reinstall/rebuild to make this work again…is it built into eos-update-notifier or is it another little proggy idk the name of?

Hello @MrEd
I guess you used the Sept ISO. It’s been so long now i don’t remember but does this ISO not have Nvidia drivers as an option in the online install? I can’t remember as i have mostly been using development ISO for my installs and they have Nvidia on them. If I remember correctly originally Nouveau open source was being implemented but then some cards are not working on Nouveau.

Edit: As far as the notification for reboot i’m also not sure what it’s tied to. @manuel probably is the one to answer that or maybe someone else knows?

I did an online install, but booted with the

No, no option for nvidia

edit edit
latest release

That’s what i thought. I think that Nouveau has been an issue so i think Nvidia option is now there for the online install. I’m not sure when the next ISO will be out but I think it’s coming. The reboot notification i’m not sure how it works exactly but i think it was rectified.

We do have only nouveau drivers on older ISOS but also Sept ISO have the option to boot on nouveau drivers and nvidia (proprietary) as an option for newer cards not working with nouveau (open source).
The notification on needed reboot after package updates needing it is there and working.
It is one of our hooks doing that:

It is a package needs to be installed to have it working:

endeavouros/eos-hooks 1.3-3 (13.9 KiB 3.8 KiB) (Installed)
    EndeavourOS pacman hooks

“generic” Driver is vesa but for nvidia you need nouveau from xf86-video (xorg) or the modesetting nouveau driver shipped inside kernel or nvidia propritary driver to boot.

If you would link to that issue I could give you some Information but I do not see that we do not have generic drivers working.

Well, here is what I think happened.
The option to install nvidia drivers works if you pick the Nvidia boot item from the menu of the live installer?

If this is the case, then that is my fault as I didn’t associate the menu option being part of the installer if you chose that option.
I just remember being able to reboot and some for of drivers worked, then proceeded to install whatever video drivers I wanted, so mystery solved on that part

On the case of the eos-hooks 1.3-3 file, it would seem there was an issue someplace because eos-hooks is only installed on the machine I just did a fresh install on.

Something has uninstalled it or there was a name change in an update or something, but it is fixed now thankyou

indeed as if you choose the Nvidia boot option it will automatic tag nvidia drivers to be installed later on.

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I don’t mean to make it sound like I was a complete dork in not realizing this,
but I do have an idea.

When booting from the live iso, would it be helpful to people if there was a detection of video card of sorts, putting said video card detection at the top of the boot list of the live iso?

It’s only an idea, as me personally I tend to take defaults of anything I try out,
then go from there.

As I said, just an idea and thinking out loud as I’m sure at some point you’ll have other video card support in there.

I guess I didn’t realize that is because booting the default from the live iso worked with my nvidia card in, so I guess I was assuming it would have booted and worked as well after the install.

The hook was moved to package eos-hooks from eos-update-notifier less than 3 months ago. If you don’t have eos-hooks installed, that may explain why those machines didn’t notify about reboot.