[Solved] KDE - Static IP Network Icon Tip/Question

I love KDE Plasma, but something I recently noticed when I set a static ip on machines, the Network icon in the tray adds a question mark…when I first saw this I thought it was an error and spent HOURS try to fix it.
Then I logged into my server and looked at it and it was the same, but never noticed the question mark when I set it up.
I would think it would make more sense to add something in network config window telling you a static ip is set and change the question mark to an S

So the tip is, it is working, don’t panic lol

The question is, Am I correct this is what that icon does when static ip is set, or is there really an error of some type?

I think it has to with the recent network manager update, because this problem also shows on Gnome (on and off)

Ok, that would explain it as I recall the network manager update I saw. thankyou.