[Solved] KDE Power buttons/Session Buttons question

On 2 of my machines so far I’ve noticed pushing either shutdown or reboot, it’s been going to the login screen.
Has anyone else noticed this?
I’m only asking if it’s a known issue recently appearing, or if it’s just me.

No such tendencies here. A temporary workaround is opening terminal and typing


I’m sorry that I can’t help you more, but I’m sure that someone will find a more satisfying solution.

Is this happening since you reinstalled? I have Plasma in two desktops and haven’t noticed this. Check your power management settings. Make sure it is set to shutdown when pressing power button under settings.

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Haven’t noticed this either, and I’ve been using my Endeavour box this morning.

It was on my main machine before and after reinstall, and on my laptop as well.
However, only seems to happen when I do updates.
I probly have something screwy thanks for letting me know all of you.
just wanted to be sure it was only me.

Did you check system settings.

OOOH, not the button on the machine, I did check there though.
I mean the buttons that come up on screen when you click start button, then shutdown or reboot, it’s those buttons.

Oh… sorry i misunderstood. :crazy_face:

Edit: You mean the session/system buttons.

exactly, i didnt know what they were callled.
Now that I know what they are called, I’ll try to find info on it.

I’m not sure if that’s what they are called but the headings above them say that?

You would be correct.
I typed in “session”, in the search and up came desktop session.
Something changed my default leave option from restart, to end session on both machines.
Weird behavior seems fixed!

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But how did you fix it? I typed it in also so i see what you mean. Doing that just changed it?

Under default leave option, end current session was checked, instead of restart computer.
I was hitting restart after updating, and it was just logging out.

Desktop Session is under Startup and Shutdown in settings

Okay…i have been in that screen before just to look.