[Solved] Kde dependencies in xfce

Today when I updated my other laptop which runs xfce desktop I noticed that update included lots of kde-stuff. I started to wonder is kwallet included in EndeavourOS xfce edition? Because if it isn’t it must have come with some other package. That leads to another question: how do I get a list of possible kde dependencies I have in my system? How do I know which are safe to remove?

pactree -r will show you what depends on a package. For example, for kwallet

pactree -r kwallet

You could also use pacman -Rc and then read through the package list without pressing Y.

For example, this command would eradicate most everything related to KDE and anything that depends on it. Just make sure you carefully read the list before hitting Y

pacman -Rc plasma kde-applications
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Use the pactree command.


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