[SOLVED] Is it possible to delete a folder, so pacman won't update?

Is it possible to delete a folder in /var/lib/pacman/local/, so pacman won’t update?

The developer in AUR is not updating microsoft-edge-dev-bin, so I’d like to delete it, so pacman won’t update. I can update this browser by extracting the data and replacing the contents in /opt.

Why not just un-install it?

If I uninstall, it’d delete everything, maybe configs too. Isn’t /var/lib/pacman/local/, where pacman find what to update?

The user configs are under your home directory, so they won’t be removed. You could just run:
sudo pacman -Rs PACKAGE

Alternatively you could add it to /etc/pacman.conf to ignore the update. Just add it at the line:

Thanks, I’d do the 2nd option, ignore.
EDIT: It didn’t work.
IgnorePkg = microsoft-edge-dev-bin

Still get,

Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages:  microsoft-edge-dev-bin
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Use " IgnorePkg on the package’s config file, and it wont update.

add the above here:
Edit pacman.conf file:

$ sudo vi /etc/pacman.conf

^^ I am getting

Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages:  microsoft-edge-dev-bin

What if I delete /var/lib/pacman/local/microsoft-edge-dev-bin folder?

That will do it, but not in an efficient way. Still it’ll work.

but why extracting the data? :slight_smile:

is kinda frankenstein approach?

if you need to update ?

just save this PKGBUILD https://hastebin.com/hirudeqoyi.bash

in PKGBUILD and then makepkg -si , it get build and installed.

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You see, it is a web browser, and all web browsers are self-contained. You can place the folder anywhere and click on the executive.

Right now, it is still in the dev stage and AUR dev is not keeping tab. I need to know how the browser is getting on.

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Do I have to do the makepkg -si, every few days?

no… only if you adapt the pkgbuild to a new version …

pacman doesn’t update AUR packages.

Since pacman doesn’t update AUR packages that will only work if your AUR helper reads that config

I don’t know if the browser you are using is self-contained but most web browsers on Arch-based distros are not self-contained.


In the script, ```


It is much faster to download the deb package and extract the data, copy paste.

If all you want is to save the data, just copy the directory and then uninstall it with pacman

you can extract te stuf but is not so clean also and a mess at the end, in pkgbuild it creates a packages if you on the first lines the version changes

OK, where does the upgrader find what to upgrade? In this case, I use yay

I guess removing that directory does stop it from getting updated by yay.

I still don’t understand why you would want that. Why not save the data and uninstall?