[SOLVED] How to Actually USE the find-cursor Program from AUR

My wife has been complaining that she can’t find the cursor on one of her computers (it has a 14" screen, not the 17" one she normally uses).

I found the find-cursor program in the AUR and I installed it onto her computer.

That was easy.

But I can’t figure our how to actually use it.

Can someone here tell me how to actually highlight the cursor with this program?

My wife will thank you - and I’ll be eternally grateful.


You will need to bind it to a (keyboard) shortcut and it will highlight the cursor every time the key(s) you bind it to are pressed with the options you specify (find-cursor -h to see them).

If you specify the DE/WM your wife is using someone could help you to find where you can define custom keybindings.

You can experiment with the options by just executing find-cursor in the terminal.


Thanks for the quick reply. As per your suggestion I created a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+F. That did it!

I can’t thank you enough!