[Solved] Help with GNOME ISO

Hello EOS Team

I am trying to build a GNOME version of my distro. It’s failing every time. I am asking for dev’s help since I know nothing about it.

If this would help My Build


You should contact your distro’s developer?

What distro are we looking at here??

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Err if you read correctly you would have seen that I said “MY Distro” no one else’s … I built KDE and XFCE… GNOME being a headache…


Ok am getting a lecture or help ? Always was friendly here… Now getting lectured… Wow thanks guys…

What’s the problem you want help with, exactly?



I posted error in OP … Every time I build and boot I get that Failed stuff…

Probably @joekamprad have seen those errors before, maybe he can help

I messaged him on Telegram waiting for reply

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There’s no useful information there. It’s a screenshot of failed services.

You probably want to compare the thing that works against the thing that doesn’t in order to find the difference - as that difference will likely be the problem.

I’m glad people don’t contact me unsolicited directly for help. I’d want to invoice them for my time! :relieved:

Oh, along those lines… are you going to change your websites to say that you get help from people rather than claiming to do everything yourself?


Oh boy… Am not gonna go there… Just need help figuring this out … I gave credit where credit’s due … Like if I were to do what you said then everyone should post on their site… Jesus you are not so friendly …

I don’t like people who take advantage of the good nature of other people. It’s a character flaw. :man_shrugging:


Like I said, I always tell people I am based on Arco, Tethered to them always… I gave Joe credit coz he seems to be the only one who helps without asking for anything like you… Still I gave him credit… So far what I got from you was “Tell the world you got help from other places” no actual help…

Anyway will wait for Joe to get back going nowhere here…

Except for

You have to provide some sort of information otherwise it’s just guesswork - and making people spend time guessing is… taking advantage of their good nature.

This page is well worth reading:


And yes - I’m calling you out as a help vampire according to the definitions on that page.


I provided access to my build what more do you want from me ? That’s all I got… Look at my packages file I think something in there breaking boot


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If it’s based on Arco why aren’t you asking for help from them? Just asking? :innocent:


Here is a pretty decent guide on how to ask a question on a forum:



By bye… Thanks for rubbing this in my face… I loved this community until now … You just tarnished the EndeavourOS name for me… At least Joe is good help and I give him credit whenever I can…


How do you get an ISO from Xerro Linux? I went to the site but i don’t see any ISO to download? You have to build it?