[Solved] Having a little trouble understanding how kalu and aur work

For KDE standpoint, when I boot machine, Kalu checks for updates.

Synchronizing 5 databases
Synchronizing database core... ok
Synchronizing database extra... ok
Synchronizing database community... ok
Synchronizing database multilib... ok
Synchronizing database endeavouros... ok
Databases synchronized
Error: No packages to upgrade: Your system is already up-to-date.

However, It kept showing me an update from aur that teamviewer had an update for a few days,
…I just ignored it since it doesn’t copy and paste in linux last I checked and becomes more annoying to use after version 12 if I recall…sry, short rant

Anyway, the msg didn’t disappear until I did

yay -Syu --aur

I didn’t really want to outright type that in, but was lazy and didn’t want to type teamviewer or whatever…

My question is,
Why does Kalu seem to check AUR, tell you a package needs updated, but in above repo check it doesn’t say it’s checking AUR…and no way {I’m aware} to install aur update unless it’s manually in a konsole?

This is just my experience with kalu, idk if it’s supposed to act that way, maybe a security thing? but if it’s a security thing, why doesn’t it auto update something that’s installed?

First off yay will automatically update both. So it will check for pacman updates and the AUR. You only have to type yay. Secondly if you just want to update the AUR with yay you would type yay -Sua I think it is. As for Kalu if you watch when it checks for updates the notification will say there are updates and if there are updates for the AUR it gives a separate notification. They don’t stay on the screen long. So if you want to update the AUR notification you have to click on it before it closes. Then it will open a terminal and do the updates. If you click on the regular notification which usually has more updates then it does those only. That’s been my experience with it and if you open the preferences you will see that the AUR settings are there for it to check. I have watched it and checked it many times and this is how it seems to work. I have updated the AUR a number of times but like I say it’s a separate notification so usually there are two notifications on the screen. Hit the AUR notification before it closes and you’ll see what I mean.

Otherwise you can update the AUR through pamac if you use it.

Ok, your going through something “similar” to me.
I Loved having pamac as a default being installed, and let it do the updates for regular operations, similar to kalu.
I enjoy it mostly for being able to search the repo, but use pacman mostly to install just relyied on pamac to auto update said installations.

Maybe it will get customized at some point to auto install aur stuff and I’ll watch for the notifications and click, however, in my experience, clicking a notification of aur update hasn’t shown me any options, but maybe I didn’t give enough time to show one?
It would be nice if a menu option showed up to open list of aur of needed updates and pick or something for a temp fix because new people won’t know about yay.
I do have one of the pamac’s in, idr which one, but it’s invaluable for browsing. I wish it was an option in the install.
I’ll keep watch, it was merly a question of how it’s working.

Wouldn’t error show in a log like this?

error: No packages to upgrade: Your system is already up-to-date.

Wouldn’t it be better to say “Woohoo, nuthin’ to do!”
Just sayining, why give error when nothing wrong? lol

It’s kind of a weird setup. It took me a while to figure out if it actually does AUR updates. I have done a few. I’m kind of getting used to using yay because it checks both and updates them and tells you if there aren’t any AUR updates. Just type yay. But like i said watch the notifications that show up on the desktop for kalu. If you see one that shows an update for the AUR click on it only and see what it does for you.

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You can setup a command inside kalu settings to do AUR updates, needs to be similar to:
xfce4-terminal -e “yay-Syu”

Then you can click on a little button on the notification from kalu for AUR updates and it will run the command.
You can also change from kalu updater (gui) to your own command line.