[Solved] Fontconfig update (Luxi pfa fonts issue)

The new version of fontconfig(2.13.91+48+gfcb0420) causes the characters in Welcome and eos-update-notifier (I haven’t checked other yad apps) not being displayed correctly. The locale is set to en_US.utf8. Downgrading fontconfig to the previous version fixes it. I am using Deepin, maybe it is somehow related.

Screen Capture_20200618225250

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extra/fontconfig 2:2.13.91+24+g75eadca-2 (895.9 KiB 2.1 MiB) (Installed)
Incoming updates

fontconfig 2:2.13.91+24+g75eadca-2 -> 2:2.13.91+48+gfcb0420-1
ttf-dejavu 2.37-3 -> 2.37+18+g9b5d1b2f-1

Guess I will hold off on these…

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Maybe somebody else will confirm that it is not something on my side. I was having problems with unicode here and there (too lazy to fix it), but never with english characters. Shouldn’t be the case here, but maybe I am missing something.

Let me update…brb

[ricklinux@eos-xfce ~]$ pacman -Q fontconfig
fontconfig 2:2.13.91+48+gfcb0420-1
[ricklinux@eos-xfce ~]$ 


Is this the version you are talking about?

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Yes, seems like it is only me (which is good). I will try to look into it tomorrow.

Sorry all seems fine here…

Screen Capture_20200618162807


Must be unicode related then? Or something?

Maybe, or something with the update (I have awful connection atm). I will post the solution if I find it…


I checked what my default fonts were set to with fc-match and found out that it was Luxi pfa fonts (l048013t.pfa: “Luxi Sans/Serif/Mono” “Regular”). Apparently the update affected them somehow. Installing font-bh-ttf package (X org Luxi TrueType fonts) fixed the issue (now it is ttf instead of pfa) and everything is displayed correctly.

Thank you @BONK and @ricklinux :slight_smile: