[SOLVED] Firefox loading two browser windows on launch, Check One Tab extension before you go off :P

So today come home from work, turn on machine, update…only 3 or 4 things were there but don’t recall firefox one of them.

However nothing I try “Firefox settings” using KDE, seems to solve it.
Just wondering if anyone else had the same thing happen?

If so, and your using “One Tab” extension, this is the culprit so don’t panic :stuck_out_tongue:

If you regularly find yourself on a daily basis with an excessive amount of tabs over a period of time, and refer back to them regularly, one tab is nice to have before your browser starts sucking up resources from having 30 tabs open lol

One Tab extension will compile your open tabs into an html page made of links for you to click on in a single tab, and will open as a tab when you open firefox.

Thought it might help anyone if you hit this wall today.

Im sure it will get fixed soon but if your curious on this it is here

I get this regularly - I use firefox to check my work email. My “trick” is not to shut the extra window(s), but close the tabs of the extra windows, then they don’t come back.

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