[Solved] Endevouros is unstable, after update


After an update i’m not able to navegate in firefox at must of the sites, not even can loging in this forum (i’m now on my other system).
I’ can not make a picture/capture because it is not going to where it is supouse to go, giving errors … When closing there is this mesage at firefox: “the aplication had a problem and crashed unfortunatele the crash reporer is unable to submit …”
Maybe i did some mistake while the update … is there any command to update andupgrade the system totaly? Thanks.

Hello @Keos,

you can try to update your system with:

sudo pacman -Syu
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Hello Keos,

To do an full update with pacman as @Endlich has said.

You can also use the helper which will do any AUR updates.


i gues you updated with the notifier , it also does pacman…

it is also handy if you tell how you update the system, to have a complete picture of it.its kinda fuzy :slight_smile:

did it something happend like a unexpected reboot in a update, or any of these ?

Maybe it would help to make a fresh installation. I did it yesterday and for me it solves the problems. I chose the online install and kde plasma. Im very satisfied with it

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i did it with pacman but it looks to me that i did something wrong … some time the system ask questions that i don’t know how to answer as if you want ‘to replace this for that’ …
Any way, for the way you are considering my question about to update/upgrade it looks to me that it do not exist such a thing in arch (sorry for my debian
I will try again with pacman and yay …


To update grub you have to use this command on EndeavourOS

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Edit: This is not for updating the system it is if you need to update grub for a particular reason.


Could you show the output of the following commands on the problematic system:

   pacman -Qm                    # shows your AUR stuff
   sudo pacman -Syyu             # updates Arch packages fully
   sudo pacman -S firefox        # reinstalls firefox

and if that all goes well, then

   yay -Syu                      # updates AUR stuff

me, to do the updates I do: yay

a reinstallation would not help much if you dont know what it is. reinstall does help if you manually turn your system to firewood :slight_smile:

it is actually handy install a linux-lts to watch if the kernel give issue…

after install linux-lts + linux-lts-headers update the grub as rick told and sudo mkinitcpio -p linux-lts

personal i would do always pacman update , even got alias for that… yay do only for aur :slight_smile:
if yay bugged the update you cant tell because its just a helper.

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@manuel All i can do is to do as you are indicating here (the commands …) but i’m not able to post anything becasuse i haven’t access to the forum from Endeavouros and if i save the resul for and try to get it form manjaro it is impossible to due to the fact that endeavouros is not displayed at manjaro …

I don’t understand why you don’t have access to the forum? What do you mean.?

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hello, you are in stable or testing

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@ricklinux, it is very rare but there are just a few of places that i’m not able to have access, (from endeavouros) the endeavouros forum, Manjaro forum, tutanota and amazon sometimes colapse …

I was able to install Midori and Dillo, it is the same with them, so the problem is not firefox.

@manuel i did a trick and i got this from the terminal in endeavouros:

> type or paste code here

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What desktop are you running currently?

type or paste code here

I’m not able to post now the result here, this is crazy …

type or paste code here

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i dont want to be rude…

dont hiijack the treath !. :slight_smile:

even i dont know which hardware the op has.

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@keos what is your hardware ?