[SOLVED] Cannot get aurvote to work

I installed Typora the manual way, i.e. built from the git clone. No problem.

Then I wanted to vote for the package, so I registered at the AUR homepage. I understand that to vote you have to use the aurvote tool in the terminal, which I did.

Then you have to configure aurvote withaurvote --configure. I t ask you if you want to set your AUR password, which I did. Then it asks “Path to the cookie file : [/var/tmp/aurvote-peter.cookie] ?”

I just hit Enter.

Then, when I do aurvote -v typora-free it says Unable to access https://aur.archlinux.org/login/

Where did I go wrong?

Its nothing on you… arch security pages is probably tightent but maintainers didnt follow… seems no to many people use it anymore

So, I can remove the tool aurvote then?

Out of curiosity: what is the package you installed?

Like I said, typora-free.

I meant for the voting from terminal.

Was it this one:

aur/aurvote 1.9-3 (+507 1.84) 
    Tool to vote for favorite AUR packages


Oops, sorry, I installed aur-git.

if you read te comments it has isues :)à

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