[SOLVED] Auto update mirrors

I went ahead and did what Bryan suggested via our wiki: automatically ranking mirror list CLI

Seemed pretty straight forward enough, just added US to the country comment and enabled the systemd timer; looks like it updates every Monday. I’ll keep an eye on it and check from time to time if things are running smoothly, but if it’s one less thing I end up having to do (normally I update mirrorlist once a month) and it works without any issues, I’ll probably stick with this auto mirror option.

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Can you confirm what I asked here?

The command which you asked works if you have rate-mirrors on your system. So you need to have rate-mirrors on your system.

If you want to go via reflector, then run

score | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Or the first command in the which was shared in that post.

You need to run this command in terminal, and the write-up process will happen over there eventually.

There is another similar post,which provides slight more info :

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From the pacman man:

-S, --sync
           Synchronize packages. Packages are installed directly from the remote repositories, including all
           dependencies required to run the packages. For example, pacman -S qt will download and install qt and
           all the packages it depends on. If a package name exists in more than one repository, the repository can
           be explicitly specified to clarify the package to install: pacman -S testing/qt. You can also specify
           version requirements: pacman -S "bash>=3.2". Quotes are needed, otherwise the shell interprets ">" as
           redirection to a file.

-u, --sysupgrade
           Upgrades all packages that are out-of-date. Each currently-installed package will be examined and
           upgraded if a newer package exists. A report of all packages to upgrade will be presented, and the
           operation will not proceed without user confirmation. Dependencies are automatically resolved at this
           level and will be installed/upgraded if necessary.

 -y, --refresh
           Download a fresh copy of the master package database from the server(s) defined in pacman.conf(5). This
           should typically be used each time you use --sysupgrade or -u. Passing two --refresh or -y flags will
           force a refresh of all package databases, even if they appear to be up-to-date.

I just want to point out that automatically updating your mirrors is quite unnecessary. I update my mirrors maybe 2-4x per year tops. If you have at least 10 on your list, short of a catastrophic world event, it would be very unlikely all of your mirrors go out all at the same time.

If I were me, I’d just update them a few times a year and call it good. But, if you want to, go ahead. To me it just feels like you’re washing your car before you take it in to get detailed. It’s a waste of time.


I installed rate-mirrors from the EnOS repository, so will use that as and when needed.
Many thanks for suggesting that option for mirrors sorting.

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