[SOLVED] Auto update mirrors

No, not the mirror update command.

It is the system update command. And the second y will just force a refresh of the local package data base which in most cases is unnecessary to use. Please refer to man pacman for more info.

For updating your mirrors, as mentioned before, in EnOS, you could launch reflector-simple, or do it from the welcome app.

If you want to do it manually from a terminal, you could use reflector command line tool:


No, what @pebcak meant was that we have reflector-simple shipped by default, it is a script that was created by Manuel.
If you open the welcome app, you will see a button called “update mirrors”, this will open a GUI version of that script and whenever you have an issue with your mirror, just click on that button and your mirrors will be updated in an instant.




Something related to it :


I don’t understand this anymore. @sradjoker said explicitly here that-Syyu is to update mirrors.

Whatever, as per Bryan’s advice, I will use the button on the Welcome app.

Do I still need to do something about eos-update-notifier -init ?

Thanks, that sounds like the easiest, surest way, certainly for a newbie.

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Sounds interesting. Is that something as a set & forget, or do you need to run a command? If so, is it literally a matter of typing in the terminal

rate-mirrors arch | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

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You only use

pacman -Syyu

when you update your mirrors.
the y in Syu is for refreshing the database

Ah, now I see the possible source of the “misunderstanding”.

The “better” formulation, in my opinion, would be:

whenever you have updated your mirrors


after you have updated your mirrors

I think the term “updating mirrors” is also a bit missleading. The better expression would be to regenerate the mirrorlist or to refresh the mirrorlist.

I don’t use it myself. From what I gather, it is only for notifying the user if there are any updates and not

You can perhaps run eos-update-notifier --help in a terminal to get a list of options. See if there is anything related to stoping/disabling it

Also mine as per my first reply to your OP :wink:

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Updating your mirrors and updating your mirrorlist are two different steps when maintaining your system. What @sradjoker said is correct, it was just already implied that once you update your mirrorlist via reflector, then in addition you also are encouraged to update your database with either sudo pacman -Syyu or yay -Syyu (both do the same thing), which is just a good practice to do after updating your mirrorlist so your system refreshed.

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your system? :wink:

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I said what I said! :sweat_smile:

I am still to use this.

@Kresimir will shed lot of light over this.

You don’t

but your system after you have “updated you mirrors” that is regenerated a new mirrorlist.

Sounds good, I’ll do that.

You mean:

which does not suggest the button on the Welcome app to me.

No, I mean:


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I edited words to make @pebcak happy :kiss:

Not that I was unhappy about it but there is a “not so subtle” difference between “updating” the mirrors (that is regenerating a new mirrorlist) and updating the system.

Happy we sorted that one out :wink: :smile:

That’s always the problem with a newbie: implying things can, and sometimes does, lead to misunderstandings - I speak from experience :rofl:

Anyway, your comment clears it all up for me.

Circling back to my OP, I’ll follow @pebcak’s advice, not do the update automatically but do it manually when needed, thereby using the button on the Welcome app as per @pebcak’s and @Bryanpwo’s advice, followed by an update of the database as you mentioned.

Thank you all for your input!!


I went ahead and did what Bryan suggested via our wiki: automatically ranking mirror list CLI

Seemed pretty straight forward enough, just added US to the country comment and enabled the systemd timer; looks like it updates every Monday. I’ll keep an eye on it and check from time to time if things are running smoothly, but if it’s one less thing I end up having to do (normally I update mirrorlist once a month) and it works without any issues, I’ll probably stick with this auto mirror option.

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Can you confirm what I asked here?

The command which you asked works if you have rate-mirrors on your system. So you need to have rate-mirrors on your system.

If you want to go via reflector, then run

score | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Or the first command in the which was shared in that post.

You need to run this command in terminal, and the write-up process will happen over there eventually.

There is another similar post,which provides slight more info :

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