So, what are the differences of EndeavourOS vs Arch?

Nothing more than curiosity. Fully understand the installer and DE pre-configurations, but are there differences that would preclude information from the arch wiki not working etc? Stuff like that…

I have to admit, my new install of EOS is running like a well oiled machine. No complaints.


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The difference is purely the install process and some added packages that makes the first experience slightly easier, like the Nvidia installer, auto-reflector and the prinstalled AUR helper Yay.

The articles from the Arch wiki do work on EOS, but to make the basic commands a little more understandable for Arch newbies, we created our own wiki version of them.

For instance, the Arch wiki assumes when you read a certain article that a line beginning with # you know that you must enter sudo su before you enter the line. We explain that first step also.


In this context, I note that I am pleased to see that EOS is becoming more and more known and popular, not just among Arch-based distro’s, but at all.

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