So that's a Whoops from Tim

Berners-Lee ‘sorry’ for slashes

Tim Berners-Lee started the web to help scientists communicate
The forward slashes at the beginning of internet addresses have long annoyed net users and now the man behind them has apologised for using them.

“There you go, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” he said.


It has never annoyed me, but funny to hear how it came to be and that the // wasnt even needed in the first place!


You don’t even need to type it in a browser. Firefox and Chromium both will recognize URLs like


It’s something I never really thought about. I probably should have.

What I am missing from this article is, why he thought back then that it was a good idea? What was the intention when adding the slashes? I mean, even if it was a bad idea, there must be a reason behind it I guess?


I completely agree with you but i was too embarrassed to mention it, lest i further reveal my ignorance.

‘When I designed the URL, this thing which starts http://, the slash, slash was to indicate that we are actually starting at the top, not starting down at the next slash.’