I really need it?

Was kinda hoping that was the case in the event I borked my secureboot setup and needed to shut it off just so I could get back in. My understanding was that secureboot was more about making my kernel harder to rootkit. With respect to that, however, it seems that keeping the kernel updated is also a pretty fair defense against rootkits.

I’d disabled TPM as well (the AMD stuttering thing). Turns out the latest kernels have a workaround without my having to risk a motherboard BIOS update. So, I turned TPM back on and, so far, it seems OK. It was while I was reading up on this that I learned of secureboot and started trying to “educate myself” on it.

Wikipedia article is interesting, thanks :slight_smile:

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Well crap, now I’m reading up more on TPM as well and, given that my PC is under my physical control at all times, I’m starting to wonder if I even need that if I never intend to install Windows?

But can you trust yourself?!


Perhaps not, but I’ll always know how to find the culprit :wink:


Each morning i ask myself in the mirror, through my :clown_face: makeup…

Have you tampered with devices physical security again, haven’t you?!
I don’t trust a freaking :clown_face: !

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New one?