So here's a dumb question about 2 monitor setups

if i have one monitor is 2k without speakers and is display port
and another monitor is 1080p with hdmi and speakers. i can still game on the 2k displayport monitor and sound can still go out to the hdmi one? that’s no problem right?

Should be possible, you should be able to choose where to send audio to…

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Yes, open pavucontrol and see if you can change the settings there as to what the output is.

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I just went ahead and ordered a sound bar to go with the monitor. Guess I’ll make other plans for the tv

Depends on the DE. Yes. And no.

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Mate. But like I said I just ordered a sound bar and will do something else with the tv I think. I can’t imagine I’d need a 2k 32 inch gaming monitor and a 40 some inch 1080p tv side by side. Plus I have a 50 inch 4K TVs in the other room.

Pretty sure that has no influence at all. Pavucontrol is what you use to control the audio output.

I guess that’s mostly true. I was more referring to the dual monitor setup. Depending on the DE depends on how (or how well) they are handled. Cinnamon has been my best experience. MATE not as much, but I admit my use of MATE is very very limited - it’s not really my style.

True. Not using a DE, I’m not 100% sure. I just xrandr.