So, before I even try it, hows switchable (intel + Nvidia 1000 series) graphics?

So, I know it’s supported. But I want to know more from people who use it how well it works. When you get new kernels after rebooting do you need to manually rebuild the Nvidia kernel to get into a gui again? Or does it just auto-update? How’s the performance? I just got rid of my T470 that had Endeavour on it, and got a Razer RZ09-02386 that has a i7-8750H + Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q, and am considering throwing Endeavour onto it to replace Windows (I will definitely throw SOMETHING onto it to replace Windows, that’s beyond the shadow of a doubt). I’ve already checked, switching to IGP only in firmware is NOT an option.

nice atomic plant :wink:

i7-8750H + Nvidia GTX 1070 Max-Q —>

Some users reporting that optimus-manager is the best way to switch GPU on hybrid systems with Nvidia-GTX-10xx GPU’s, special on Gaming it is more performant and it has a simple switcher GUI to switch GPU.

If you are using nvidia-dkms driver package you are on the most safe side, as thanks to dkms it will rebuild the Nvidia module anytime the kernel updates automatic.
In the past, it happens that either kernel or Nvidia driver was updated so that you have one of them not on the same version, so we decide to recommend dkms version.

Cool. At the moment I should get to try it out tomorrow. I swapped around some of my hardware to get one of the better SSD’s in there and move the value-grade SSD that was in there (although VERY good value grade SSD) into one of my lesser laptops. So been reinstalling a LOT of things tonight, and this laptop just got put on the back burner until I have everything else settled with at least the OS I want and most of my config files on there.

I have an Alienware M17x R4 with switchable graphics… albeit older. Intel + GTX660M … and I freaking hate it in “hybrid” mode. I have it locked in nVidia mode all of the time now. I tried bumblebee and PRIME and optimus-manager and could never get any of them to work right for every case. Either they wouldn’t switch or they’d just… cause games to crash.

Since setting it to nVidia only, I’ve had zero issues and it’s run like a dream.

Then again, my usage case may be different than yours. The battery on this laptop is shot and even when brand new was terrible at holding a charge for more than a couple of hours. Ergo, it is always plugged in, so I don’t have to care about power savings.

Also likely that with the 1000 series, you may have better luck than with 7 year old hardware like I have. :slight_smile:

Also, also, as joekamprad says, nvidia-dkms driver package is pretty rad. I’ve been using that with no issues at all.

I HATE the keyboard. Other than that, nice laptop so far. Haven’t had any issues with the graphics yet. It’s up and running though.

Did find one thing incredibly funny. I was setting up Vivaldi, and customizing the mouse gestures, with this processor, the display for the gestures was like a squirrel that had just gotten into a block of cocaine it’s flying around so fast.

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I will NOT ask how you know this about squirrels… :grin: