Sndio and Firefox

Using sndiod with browsers works fine including vivaldi & falkon.
Except for firefox.
Does this even works for firefox, if so how ? Or does firefox force pulseaudio ?
Can I force alsa or sndiod?
I tried “cubeb” settings but in vain …

I am not an expert but it doesn’t look like the Arch version of Firefox is built with sndio support.

You would probably need to build it yourself. Here is the void Linux patch to add sndio support if you need a reference:


It looks like Arch’s Firefox is not built with sndio support:

You could try the official binary and see if that works for what you’re trying?


Yes, @jonathon’s suggestion is a good one. Try downloading the official version into your home directory and see if it has the support you need. You could also try the official flatpak.

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