Snaps and installing nordpass


I can launch sign-in via a browser, but I would like to do it via snap
this is the way I do it on my present system I install snapd then
run the line “sudo snap install nordpass” that is enough to install it.

However I get the following when trying to do it like this in a EOS-VM.

Any Ideas?


You have to install snapd first. Then enable it. Then you can install nordpass if it is in snap.

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I think you would run this as well:

sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket


sudo snap install nordpass



First now I saw:


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Thanks for that.

Never had to do that for install on Arcolinux just install snapd and that’s that.


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Maybe Arco has a custom snapd package?

This look like a Debian command. It’s confusing but i guess the with snapd you actually install it from the site that has snaps? :thinking:

On Vanilla Arch and consequently EnOS, services and sockets won’t get enabled automatically after installing a package containing such.

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Yes, Canonical manages the snap infrastructure. It is easier to track your usage that way. :wink:


snap install --help
snap install [install-OPTIONS] snap…

The install command installs the named snaps on the system.

To install multiple instances of the same snap, append an underscore and a
unique identifier (for each instance) to a snap’s name.

etc …

snap install --help

I don’t use/install snaps, neither from the store or from the command line.
I just had a read at the fine manual :nerd_face:

I just don’t like to infect my Arch with Canonical. :rofl: