Snapper root snaps not booting from grub menu


i would like to know if it’s possible to boot from snapper read-only snapshots in boot menu on an eos or arch system without a desktop. I am familiar how to make them visible in the grub bootmenu. The btrfs-assistant is doing well on a desktop system but on a cli environment booting from a snapper snapshot in the menu does not work and as far as i know no btrfs-assistant.

I tried timeshift and with timeshift --restore it’s possible also when mounting from iso.
Still would like to know if this can also be done with snapper because i like the features of pre and post snaps.

procedure that is also working:

sudo mount /dev/sda2 -o subvol=/ /mnt
sudo mv /mnt/@ /mnt/@_badroot
sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot /mnt/@.snapshots/XXXXX/snapshot /mnt/@
sudo reboot -f

So timeshift and the procedure are working however the grub menu with snapper not. Please provide information how i might do that on eos, arch and manjaro.

Thanks for your answers

Btrfs Assistant can also restore from the CLI.

What isn’t working specifically?

My mistake @dalto. I just didn’t know btrfs assistant can operate in the terminal.
Thanks for all your good work with btrfs-assistant.