Snapd package on dialup

Hi I have installed Endoevour OS + an snapd package from
previous Arch based distro.

The installation of other snap packages seem unable to connect to internet,
And to trying to use Dialup style connection.


Any help? greatly appreciated.

pls note firwall app has been removed…


Is snapd.socket enabled?

what says

systemctl status snapd.socket


Please post terminal output as text and not as screenshot.
When posted as text, it will be possible to quote, copy, search an string of text. It will be accessible by search engines as well.

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When I did the command it was NOT enabled, so I enabled it plus reboot.
snap is not installing.

Edit Typo
Snap IS installing now

I guess we need some terminal output which perhaps can give some clues.

Sorry maid typo Snap IS Installing now.


Glad to hear that your issue is resolved.
Please mark the actual post that actually pointed out the solution to you as solution :wink:

I did the solution was your idea BUT I had to enable it, why I chose my post as solution.

Sorry for not being there to do it for you :wink: :sweat_smile:

Have a nice journey onboard Endeavour!

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When someone gives you the solution, please don’t mark your own post confirming what you did as the solution. Instead recognize their help by marking the post with the recommendation as the solution.


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