Smartphone Cameras

Hi guys,

after my Xperia X with SFOS starts to crackle. I have started to look for another device. I don’t need that much performance, therefore a middle class device should do the job for me. Having a Xx with an underwhelming camera - at least with SFOS - I would like to have a device which makes decent photos.

At the moment I have an eye on 4 devices

Xperia 10 ii with SFOS (if this will be the next device supported by Jolla)
Fairphone 3+ with UBtouch

extended circle
Op6(T) with UBtouch
Vollaphone UBtouch/SFOS

I haven’t seen any samples of those devices yet. Neither the UT camera app nor the SFOS camera app will be optimized for those devices, therefore I am asking myself which device has the better camera from a technical point of view. The FP 3+ has more MPs but is a convincing point? On which hardware parts / data would you look as well?

I’m currently running a one plus 6t and it’s been a really good phone so far. Battery life is great and it charges very fast. The only issue I have is the always on display doesn’t work abs that drives me up the wall because I love that feature.


I have an Sony XA2 with LineageOS 17.1 (based on Android 10) and it runs very good. Dont know how the standart rom performs. First thing i do when i have a new smartphone is installing LineageOS. :slight_smile: I do not like all googleapps, facebook… to have on my phone as systemapp without the options to deinstall it completly. Camera is for me okay. For your device there are some Customroms too take a look.

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Which OS do you use? OxygenOS?

I am not really interested in Android. I really do like SFOS but I think UT gets useable, too.


Specs are quite a beast. :slight_smile:

The people, who work on the halium port, also work on mainline support for the device. Sadly it has no sd card slot. But nevertheless it’s a device I keep an eye on.

I couldn’t beat it for $300 new. And I was all about having an sd card before this phone, and honestly, I like not having two places for things to be stored. It’s much easier to dump my photos now onto my computer

Photos aren’t my problem but flacs are. :sweat_smile:

If I go for the op6 I will buy the 256gb version. I think that will do the job as well.

For still photos, you can’t beat an iPhone or a Google Pixel. Thankfully, you can install the Google Pixel on other Android smartphones. I use the Urnyx Gcam port for the LG V50 and it takes stunning photos all day. So see if you can get the Gcam mod running on your phone. It makes a night and day difference.

Well, I have an iphone XR for work and have to say that I wasnt that impressed acutally. Its good enough for sure, but it isnt what I expected.

I think most smartphones nowadays do a pretty good job. If I am right the FP 3 has the same senor like the Pixel 3a. To try to use the Gcam mod is quite an interesting hint. thxs!