Small typo in the German localization of the Welcome App

The Welcome app is missing an r in the word Fenster:


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my news section is in english, only two words are in german :man_shrugging:

And there seems to be something wrong with the symbols, too.

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Just fixing that typo, new release 1.16-1 of eos-translations will be available soon.

You likely need the qogir icon package eos-qogir-icons from the EOS repo.
The mixed text is strange, hopefully system update helps.


I also have some wrong or missing icons. Have installed the eos-qogir-icons, no improvement.
Not that this is a drama for me now, just want to have it said :wink: .

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Icons are actually a PITA… :roll_eyes:
I’m really tempted to remove the icons from Welcome.


So can I uninstall eos-qogir-icons again?

There may be other apps using it.
If you have other icon sets installed, you can try and see what happens.
But at your own risk… :wink:

I just installed it earlier specifically to fix the missing icons in the Welcome app, but if it’s of no use anyway, it can go away again …

eos-qogir-icons changed nothing on the welcome app.

yesterday i updated my system, after that the complete text was in german.

but after i installed the package konsole, the welcome app used konsole as terminal. previously it used qterminal, although my system default terminal is xterm. qterminal is only set as default in my file manager PCManFM-QT.

$ env | grep term

I’ll check the icon stuff for welcome.

You can configure the terminal in file /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf, variable EOS_YAD_TERMINAL.

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nice, terminal is changed, thx :+1:

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