Small info for those who want multiboot with systemd-boot and debian based Distros


I had a little trouble getting Systemd-boot to work with Mint in multiboot, but in single-boot the problem is identical.

The package to use is sicherboot, it is officially designed to run a Secure-boot system under mint. But it works just as well on a system where Secure-boot is disabled. It creates boot-loader entries and updates them when the kernel is updated.
Under Mint, the systemd-boot package doesn’t exist as such, it’s sicherboot that supposedly installs systemd-boot…

Under Sid, the systemd-boot package works “out of the box”, updating entries without any problem, although this was not the case in the past, when a script had to be created for this job.

I hope this information will be useful for some of you.
In the meantime, I’ve got rid of grub completely :wink: I don’t need that big thing just to get started…

systemd-boot doesn’t need a package. It is just part of systemd.

However, if sicherboot makes the process of converting the system to systemd-boot easier, that is awesome. Thanks for the info!

systemd-boot doesn’t need a package. It is just part of systemd.

in fact :slight_smile:

not need pré-post install scripts with LinuxMint if sicherboot installed…

butbut… before you have to fill the /etc/kernel/cmdline with the root information in order to boot.

[falke@falke-macbookair72 kernel]$ more cmdline
root=UUID=d80981ac-56fb-4c4d-ac42-01e566f6ffc7 rw rootflags=subvol=@ loglevel=3

As I said with Sid those kernel pré-post scripts for installing/moving the kernel allready exists, maybe becaud Sid is “brand-new” on Debian stable/testing I don’t know.