Slow net-installer

As a former Antergos user I’m really glad I’ve found EndeavourOS - just tried it, love it, and want to thank you for your work.

I don’t know if this is a common issue but I noticed the net installer is really slow (at least before the actual installation/disk activity happens), something that I’ve also read in this review at Distrowatch (2020-05-05, “The online install is unusually slow”):

Any ideas?

hello, you have updated the mirrors or a problem with your connection or your pc

what you are describing is the issue with getting all the arch-keys from one of the open keyservers, this procedure is known to be very slow in some cases, we still not know 100% what is the reason, could be local network related. or depending on daytime a simple overload on the keyserver… we do work on this and it is getting better with the latest release only little users have this issue…

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Thanks for your reply. This is happening on a corporate network where some network filtering is active, so probably that’s the reason.

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there is a new development version of our installer may fix this already:
This is not official release but seems to work very good on our first internal testings.

I have installed EOS several times during the last month on bare metal (just playing around with desktop environments and window managers) and this is where the greatest delay occurs. Several minutes at times. I just downloaded your 2020-05-24 dev release and will give it a try later today.


give feedback will help us big deal!

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1 minute and 25seconds to get the keys. Much faster than previously. How much faster I don’t know because I never timed those attempts.

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if it is under 2 Minutes it is fine for 170 keys to get :wink:
This version uses keyserver ranking to get the fastest server used…
some users reported around 10 to 30 minutes before …


It is definitely better.

Here the dev iso takes about the same (long) time while “installing base filesystem, please wait” is shown, so I guess in my case it’s a different issue (probably related to network filtering).

That is a totally different subject than the one being discussed here. What you are referring to is when Calamares is installing the packages in the first check box in the “Packages”. Namely “Base Base-devel and other commonly used packages” or worded something like that.

In this case, if one looks at the terminal window started by Calamares, you will notice there is a delay after “Updating trusted data base” when all the keys for all the packages in the Arch repositories are being retrieved from the key servers. As @joekamprad said, 170 GPG keys need to be downloaded.


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