Slow load of control panel since KDE 20.04 update

Booting EndeavousOS I have noticed a noticeable lag for the control panel to appear since the KDE 20.04 update.

This lag does not appear when booting Manjaro w KDE.

edit: after update of May 01, issue resolved

Hello @garybean
Are you referring to loading the system settings?

typically the desktop icons first appear along with the desktop wallpaper – I am referring to the panel (located on bottom of my monitor) where application launcher, system tray and the self-installed application icons appear

I have kde plasma on two computers and the panel comes up instantaneously. I’m not sure how you have the panel set up but mine is just the default with some extra widgets added. Have you tried removing the panel and add a default panel?

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I’ve got this problem, a week ago.
Now, after several system updates, all is fine.

…still experiencing the slow loading of control panel, though not when booting Manjaro.

I don’t have it on either of my KDE Plasma installs. They load instantaneously. Have you looked at any boot logs or the xorg log?

Edit: Maybe check systemctl --failed

You might start investigating by trying:

sudo dmesg -H | less

Mine’s a vanilla arch install with KDE Plasma, but have not seen what you are describing.

control panel appeared normally today (after latest update)

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