Slow installing EndeavourOS

I have been using EndeavourOS for a while now and I love to re-install and distro-hop, but, I have noticed that EndeavourOS takes a lot longer to install than almost every other distro. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy using EndeavourOS but just wondered if it is my hardware or do others see the same thing?

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Are you doing an online install or offline? Most distros are doing an offline install so if you are comparing offline to online that could be a big difference depending on the speed of your internet.

No it is an online install. Please don’t don’t get me wrong but EndeavourOS is my choice for Arch linux and is my main distro on the desktop. My laptop I “play” with other distros (still learning) but I always feel that the install takes maybe 10-15 mins longer. Thanks for the welcome, although I aam a long time lurker lol! Learn’t lots here!

Like @dalto explained, online install is slower than offline instal, because you have to download all the packages.

When you install other distros, you install them offline.

Well if you do an online install that could take longer than an offline install which is what most distros use.

Depending on your internet speed, it could be a lot longer.

For me, the install takes less than 10 minutes total but I have fast internet.

Yeah, try installing offline and see if that’s any faster. An online install is highly dependent on how good your internet connection is, so it’s a big variable.

I can do an offline (XFCE) install in less than 7 minutes. If I do an online (GNOME) install, with my internet speed being somewhat slow, an online install takes me about 25 minutes to install EndeavourOS.

Always make sure you update the mirrors first before an install and be aware a fast online install is largely dependent on how fast your internet is.

It is ok lol. I was not “dissing” the distro just what I have seen is all. Yes I understand the difference between online/offline (my laptop does not have ethernet) so I love Endeavour has it comes with broadcom drivers out of the box… Please, please do not think I am unhappy here, I was just wondering was all lol.


Hey, are we cool guys lol?

I don’t think anyone is upset here. You asked a question and people answered it.

There are lots of helpful people here so you got lots of answers which were mostly the same.


Am totally amazed at the speed and quality of the replies… I might stop lurking now lol. Thank you everyone for your replies much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I read it as you seeking insight and offering your experience in installation. I’d do the same :slight_smile:

Keep going, guys!