Slow bootup . failed to mount nfs share/start job running for load/save random seed

running kde.

It’s like it fails mounting the nfs share because it’s not connected to wifi yet. Not sure how to make it wait until wifi is connected to mount. Mounts fine after wifi is connected though.

I have no idea what the load/save random seed thing is about though.


Welcome @Robbhimself
What is the output of systemctl --failed
Check systemctl status home-robb-gnarkill.mount
Not sure of your setup. Can you provide a little more info also?

Welcome @Robbhimself.

Do you have haveged installed and running. If not see:


I was under the impression that this was in the packages and was automatically being installed? Maybe not on the current ISO or i could be mistaken. :confounded:

it was installed but it looks like it wasnt enabled

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