Slow boot loader, over a minute (xfce)

Actually 58 seconds thanks to my previous bug that was solved via this community. Thank you guys.

in systemd - analyze I have found

6.293s systemd-cryptsetup
1.048s devmapper luks (whatever it is)
809ms firewalld.service (which is not even supposed to load)
568ms user@1000.service

and numerous other services taking around 200ms each. Anything I can do to speed it up, after typing in my password it takes a while to decrypt, then I get a wall of text and lots of waiting…
I also see it looking for a hibernation file for 10sec, which I do not have a hibernation file.

How do I fix this ? I am fairly noobish to linux. system is slow 4gb ram celeron with emmc. not expecting miracles but would like to remove the waiting for messages.

I believe you have an encrypted drive.

How about expand more on what you are having trouble with. I take about a minute to boot as well however its extra peripherals for me.

well, I don’t use firewalld (at least not that I know of) so can I removed it from the loading or should I leave it to be safe ?

can I stop my system looking for hibernation from boot or is that also best left to be safe?

thank you.

could be hardware, it shouldn’t take that long, don’t know about luks, seems a bit slow though.

post the full systemd-analyze output for me it’s

Startup finished in 4.651s (firmware) + 5.338s (loader) + 1.107s (kernel) + 1.303s (initrd) + 3.858s (userspace) = 16.259s reached after 3.858s in userspace.

maybe the slowdown is before systemd starts counting. what kind of drive you have?

I would do my home work on what things are and what they do before I just start looking to remove stuff. Don’t go into forums asking random people what you can just delete do the homework. Not all forums are helpful and not all people are helpful. We are here to be helpful however you have to be willing to do work yourself. If its that big of an issue then use it to really learn.