Sleep mode issues and network displays functionality with KDE


I recently bought a computer ( and installed EndeavourOS, distro based on arch linux. I did the full installation and installed KDE (running it with X11). On KDE power management settings, I set my computer to sleep whenever I close the lid unless an external monitor is connected. Everytime I close the lid it does not perform the action of sleeping as intended (I did restart the system in case some changes needed to be applied). How can I solve this?

Also, coming from windows, there is a Cast option that allows me to use my TV (without chromecast) as a second screen. I’ve found miraclecast but that prevents me from going to the internet, something I need to have when screen mirroring. Is there any functionality for kde?

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If not already, try the linux-lts kernel.

Does it work like how you need it in WinOS? Have you tested it?

Where is this option, in the laptop, or the TV?

Try aur/wds

I haven’t tried the linux-lts kernel, but I’ll give it a try later.
Well, as far as I understood, miraclecast connects through wifi directly to the tv, which disconnects me from internet as I’m only connected to my TV. In windows, it “creates” a virtual network between me and the tv (I think) so that I can access the internet normally while using the TV as a second screen.

Where is this option, in the laptop, or the TV?

I was talking about the cast functionality of windows (Windows + K)

I’ve got another question, if you don’t mind. I did some research and it seems to be an issue with most distros os linux: changing the brightness of the screen randomly without me doing any key combination. Is this fixable?

There is also gnome-network-displays in AUR (and chaotic-aur, if you have it set up).

It is not obvious to me of the problem you want to solve. Can you describe it better, please?
It sounds like Night Color, or a HW originated setting.

I have tested in WinOS, not miraclecast. I might give out a try to miracle cast in case the gnome-network-display does cause problems with kde

Wouldn’t that gnome package cause issues since I’m running kde?


Since it is working on WinOS, it means both the computer and TV hardware support the required network communication protocols.
You just have to find a Linux compatible application/utility that can do the same function. It’s a matter of software/programming. I would try the known/existing Linux utilities that advertise they can do it, and search the net for other users’ experience.