Skype for Linux vs. Microsoft edge browser.

So many years ago I taught my Mom how to use Skype. There’s still not many great options but even if there was, another new application to sign up and learn how to use is not really an option.

Skypeforlinux - it’s old and works very poorly. Video and audio all suck. I wouldn’t necessarily have noticed but I did a work zoom thing recently and it was like a million times better.

So I removed it and said I’ll just use the online web app the next time. Well, the next time got here. I’m sorry that doesn’t work in Firefox. Ok, well Skype online also didn’t work in chromium. . . So I’m assuming they’ve done something where it only works in Microsoft edge.

So. Edge. . . Or Skype for Linux?

Or something else I can use where my Mom can still use Skype (although I’m almost positive this doesn’t exist).

Maybe Teams? It’s supposed to be able to communicate with Skype users

Are you sure it’s not something with you.

This my Vivaldi with Skype Web.

Skype from AUR…or flatpak.

I’ll try again. I’m not sure what I’d be missing though. I mean I get Firefox, but chromium??I guess I just assumed they were trying to keep it to edge only.

No, I don’t think Microsoft would be that stupid. Try another browser Vivaldi or Brave vanilla. Just to check.

I can confirm Skype Web works just fine with Chromium. I don’t use it much, but one friend of mine has skype on her phone and we use to chat every now and then. Mostly I use Wire and Telegram.

I just tried this on a fresh EOS GNOME install and it seems you’re all correct, it works just fine in Chromium. I’ll figure out what I’m missing on my other install. Thanks everyone, that was a short thread!

I admit with my time crunch of using it, I didn’t dive in that deep. . . I just assumed. . . and that was my fault.

This thread is now useless. Thanks!

Strange that you had issues with skypeforlinux. I usually prefer standalone application vs browser based. I’m using it for work and have no issues with it. It works just like it does on Windows.
I’m using this version:

I use this:

[derek@t480s ~]$ pacman -Q | grep skype
[derek@t480s ~]$ 

It’s just washed and grainy and looks and sounds awful. It does work though. And I’ve tried it on two of my computers and two different computers on my Mom’s side. ** compared to zoom . . . Maybe that’s just how skype is, I was trying to improve the situation.

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