Simplest migration of installed EOS from current HDD to a new one

Does EOS has some tool (like MX has MX Snapshot) to convert current installed EOS system into ISO file to be able to install it on new drive? If not, what would be simplest/easyest way of doing it?

Current disk is multiboot, (MX, EOS, Manjaro) my main, MX, will control the boot process and it will be ported first. Once this works, I would like to move over EOS and Manjaro.

I have /home on the same partition as EOS system. I will have old and new disk in computer at the same time. New disk is twice the size of the old one. What do you suggest:

1 - copy/paste EOS partition with gparted?
2 - copy over partition with clonezilla?
3 - something else?

I would like to skip install from scratch. If new install is best option, can I after fresh install just copy/paste over whole /home? User name will be the same and everything I plan to have the same.

I understand if using option 1 or 2, I will need to find out UUID of new EOS and Manjaro partitions on new drive and adjust /etc/fstab
Is there any other adjustment I would need to do if using option 1 or 2? I’ve never did this before. Since old disk don’t get changed at all, I don’t risk much but time :wink:

I’ve read old post/question on similar topic, but since in the mean time things may have changed, and also, old question spent most of time on some other topic, I though to ask question again. Plus I added few more questions :wink:

If you don’t want to take everything across in one go, then, given the complexity of your setup, a fresh install would be the most reliable approach (although, you could make it easier by having one rather than two Arch-derivatives on disk…).

Is that your current setup? If not, you may find that the MX bootloader will not boot EnOS or Manjaro.


Personally, I’d recommend putting /home on a separate partition, then you can reinstall the OS with no potential for losing data, and it’s much easier to backup and transfer.

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Thank you!

How can I do this? Clone whole disk with Clonezilla? Even if new disk is different, bigger size? If yes, well I could do this also, but I have few more distros :wink: on an old disk I don’t plan to have on new disk. I could delete them first, before cloning the disk, but I would still have a mess of several empty partitions between the other ones on a new disk. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I need to think about this lol

Yes, I just recently did this setup with newest EnOS and Manjaro. After is MX installed, I installed both, EnOS and Manjaro without installing boot loader. Then I logged into MX and ran

sudo grub-update

And both Arch based distros were added to Efi boot sequence.

I may do this. I already had this setup before, but I like it better, when all my personal data is on separate ‘data’ partition and /home is inside the system partition. There is not much in /home. Settings, some installations, such as Python virtual environments, and bunch of links to data partition :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit, I almost forgot, MX is spoiling me, you can install new MX version on top of the old one, system part gets rewritten, but home is optional and if you want, it gets preserved, so I just got used to have everything in one partition. The only reason I also have EnOS&Manjaro is, I can’t figure out how to get one old 32bit app running on MX. Thats why I have both, EnOS and Manjaro, as a backup, if one breaks at system update, there is still another one. Previous version of Manjaro already did this to me. At some point, after system update, 32 bit app that runs through Wine stopped working, hence I have two Arch based distros now :smiley: