Signal Messenger will soon remove SMS support!

I guess there are at least a few ppl here who use Signal, so:


Unsurprisingly it’s not going down well on the Signal subreddit.

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Were there any advantages to use Signal for sending SMS or MMS beside doing it from one and the same interface?

I have never used Signal for that so I won’t be missing this feature.


Digging deeper (and not mentioned in the blog post linked above), the potential replacement of SMS/MMS with RCS is also a factor in the decision -

However, Apple have said that they will not support RCS…


Only needing one app for both secure messages and SMS was a big selling point in getting some people to switch to Signal.


I get that some might find it more convenient.

Since those messages were still send in clear text, so not a big loss in my opinion.

I think Signal will still remain a valid option for those who are willing to put a little more effort of using two apps.

Yes, but that’s a significantly smaller userbase, which doesn’t help the viability of Signal. Given that RCS superceding SMS/MMS is far from a given at this point, the decision seems very premature.


This is terrible news. “It can be your default SMS app” is how I convinced normies to switch to it.


Sounds like having an encrypted, private messaging service was kind of a “beneficial side effect” for them :sweat_smile:


Yeah but I got encrypted group chats out of it! Now they’ll all go back to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (bleugh).


Indeed! I guess that most users send about 90% “chit chat” and rarely anything that’s really sensitive. Also, most ppl just don’t have Signal, so your choices to contact those users are usually either WhatsApp or SMS.


I have tried to encourage some of my contacts, arguing from the privacy, to use Signal.

Only two of them did install the app and of the two only one uses it, quite rarely, to connect to me.

The still stick to the “Tried and True” :sweat_smile:

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Sad news as I used it for SMS and messageing. The ability to seend (semi) secure encrypted SMS’s was a big selling point to me.

I guess this is the nail in the coffin for Signal.



That’s a good thing. Tor for instance wants more chatter on their tunnels. It’s more noise if someone is actually trying intercept transmissions. Do if 90% is garbage the interceptor needs to sift thru the garbage. If everything is only top classified stuff, it’s far more of a target for hackers.


I think SMS has never been secure, and Signal could do nothing to improve that. That’s inherent to SMS.
And as they say, people could be mislead to a false sense of security when Signal was set as the SMS app.

So to me it simply makes sense they remove the SMS support, thus making Signal more secure without SMS.


Thanks for posting this, OP.

I actually had no idea, this was happening.

Looks like I’ll be moving from signal

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I’ve never used Signal Messenger, and to be honest, I don’t use Facebook Messenger much either. The last time I actively used MSN Messenger, which has since become a better world. I know that several of these messengers included an SMS function. I still socialized on IRC and ICQ.

:speaking_head::mega: Abandon ship!


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Regardless, Signal is still one of the greatest and easiest ways to securely audio-talk in a relatively normie-friendly way, assuming 2 conditions you need to trust your contact with:

  1. Never allow access to phone contacts
  2. Not write your real Name and Surname

So if you need to talk with a brainlet in some authoritarian state - better don’t, coz that person will certainly help to triangulate you :rofl:


And even then, at least content of your call won’t be decrypted.

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Who actually thought this @manuel ? I certainly did not. I don’t think Signal ever gave the impression that they were but the feature was very convenient and created network effects.