Shutdown/reboot hanging after gpu replacement

Hi everybody
I have a situation that really driving me nuts and i don`t know what problem is.
Today my hd 7790 died and i temporarily replaced it with novideo 9800gt
everything is fine but the thing is system always hangs on reboot/shutdown.
Tried different options in grub cmdline but it gave me nothing
nouveau driver in use, kde desktop (xorg)

You could remove quiet from the kernel boot parameters to make visible boot and shutdown messages.
That migh give you and/or a forum member a clue as to what it is holding up the shutdown/reboot process.

I have disabled quiet option and it hangs on something like “Reached target power off” that`s it

Please have a look through the following link and provide some info on your system for forum members who are able to assist you to have something to work on:

Welcome to EnOS’ forum @ExactXmpl!
And good luck with the troubleshooting!

So after all i just replaced nouveau driver with proprietary nvidia and it works well. Maybe will be useful for someone

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