Shutdown instead of restart

Occasionally, when I click the restart button in any desktop environment, the computer performs a shutdown operation instead of restarting. I have also experienced the error with different distributions. Could this random issue be hardware specific? Thinkstation P310.

Obviously yes. Run a RAM test.

I had something similar AND different.
On an old laptop (10 years old), though the system is installed, restarting gives me a funny menu that leads to nothing. I can not boot the installed system with a restart.
But same laptop, turn it off then start with the power button it boots normally!
I could not find an explanation or fix this. Whenever I update the system I power it off and start with power button!

As @Pinhead said, it might be a memory issue and I think it can be a BIOS issue.

Memtest86 does not support legacy BIOS.
Update: In the meantime, I ran the memory test of the startup diagnostic tools and it found no errors.

It happens randomly, but quite rarely.
Update:Today’s reboot attempts went smoothly. Ten times out of ten, the restart was successful.

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To be honest, if you have something THAT infrequent, we’ll likely never be able to trace it down. Completely random issues are almost impossible if you can’t recreate them.

I’d it happens again, post the journal log. It’s still unlikely, but that’s the only small chance of us getting with that one. Good luck.

I can only think of this as a software/update issue.
Maybe it went fine after “something” got updated.
If it is a hardware problem it would be there all the time (unless the updated software “skips” the hardware issue and carry on)
Great it is sorted out.
Hopefully it is not a Grub issue.

No, it really isn’t a Grub issue. Since it usually happens rarely, it doesn’t bother me that much. Anyway, if there is a shutdown instead of a restart, it’s not so disturbing.
I only asked this question to see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

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