Shrinking the Endeavour filesystem--dangers?

Right now this is my Endeavour. It is alone on a platter disk.
I want to relocate a distro next to Endeavour so they share this HDD.
I figure take the sdb2 filesystem in half. It’s 288GB so split it at 144 (or 150BG).

What are the dangers/pitfalls to Endeavour if I make this move (shrinking partition) in a live medium? Advice? Alerts? Heads ups?

Thanks for any advice.
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Shrinking a filesystem can fail and leave your filesystem unrecoverable.

So back up your data first.

I will do that, thank you. I wish I knew the odds of failing with your word “can.” If it’s a 70/30 thing where 70 means complete success then I’d play the odds.

I don’t know what the odds are. Probably more like 95/5 but I still wouldn’t do it without a backup.

I’d say I’ve never had a move/resize fail. BUT, I may just be lucky.

going to grsync the /home to my external then play the odds. Thank you both.
I am a bare metal warrior with installs and not interested in VMs at ths point.

will report back.

took both advices. dalto and ddnn could both get best answer.
if only the mods could work that kind of magic :wink:.
endeavour survived.
endeavour boot survived.
DistroB survived and DistroB boot survived.
All good. Solved. edit/typo

The mods are volunteers and have other duties, please give them a break. The answers on the site here are from volunteers mostly. I’m thankful for everything that they do, plus they have to put up with me. :wink:

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I re-read myself and was definitely not out breaking balls or harassing volunteers. not in my DNA. sorry if I came off that way. Online that is not my character. Offline that is not my character. Hence the winky face. I was just wishing for the magic wand that could mysteriously give both of my fine responders Solution tags,
I will sign up on the list behind you of people that have to be put up with though :crazy_face:

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I have some experience with drive shrinking. On windows I never lost data doing it, but it was sometimes very reluctant to shrink very much due to how windows and ntfs do things.

On linux I’ve done it several times on gparted without issue.

I tried kde partition manager twice, both times my partitions were corrupted.

So my advice: Backup ur files, and use gparted, never use kde partition manager.

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