Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

I don’t see them as any worse than bikes myself but yeah there’s certainly some irresponsible riders out there

Wouldn’t a turbo and electronic fuel injection be better?


Yes. Not necessarily a turbo, I hate that kick in the back but elec fuel injection is a good idea. Up to now all the mechas said, no, it’s hard to repair and troublesome. Stick to the carburettor, as every bush mechanic can repair it in a ditch with just a spoon and a pocket knife. But my new mechanic says, bs, these things hardly ever break in the first place. So maybe injection is a thing in the future.

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Electric kick scooters are the cancer of 20’s. Head trauma patient cases have skyrocketed, other injuries too. Here those things are limited to 25 km/h and 18 km/h after dark. People leave them everywhere, I even found one underwater while I was SUP boarding. Thankfully they’ll be off the streets before first snow hits in November.

There exist some where that might be true, but a little research can avoid that easily. Once you get the fuel injection and the ignition, you can basically forget about the engine for ages at a time - no tuneups or troubles for the mechas! In the meantime, KISS has its own appeal… :car:

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Okayyy, so that is good to hear. Despite my mecha asking why change a running system, I guess the pros outweigh the cons. Thx Freebird for correboratng that stance.

I think I’ma go ahead and call the grammar police on you…


gripped this quad compressor off a homie recently


Finally, high speed internet. And a precarious DIY mount. Now I can go crazy with sudo pacman -Syu



I got this about a month ago (full disclosure, it was a gift, so not technically a “purchase”). A mechanical autowinding watch from a Chinese company called Seestern (which is German for “starfish” - why a Chinese company is using a German name is beyond me, but what the heck).

It’s an homage (not quite a straight-up copy) of the venerable old Seiko Monster, but with a fully lumed dial, which is something Seiko never offered. 42mm, kinda heavy but not cumbersome. Accurate, too.


It glows real good :grin::


I definitely like it. It’s been getting a lot of wrist time these past few weeks.


boAt bassheads

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Networking will never be the same, surprised how well it works.

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What is this, and how it works ?

On first look, I thought this to be a water geyser for bathrooms, then I thought why we need networking in bathroom :rofl:

Its a computer Router. You could set it up in the bathroom although water an Electricity don’t mix. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bottom port is for ISP and the rest are for normal use. Saying its a plain router there is so much more to it than that.




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To everyone @Canapin is trying to look for a solution to the images not being downloadable anymore after migration. Hence these pictures :wink:

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Yes; these are my actual last purchases though! :wink:


Welcome to the forum/community, @Canapin!

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I saw that when I posted those Linus wallpapers two days ago.
You can download the pictures but it looks like they are converted to low quality JPEGs.
The files I uploaded were PNGs, ~7MB in size, when I download them now I get JPEGs with ~450kB.

edit I checked again and it looks like even the resolution has changed. My uploads were 2560x1440, the download is 1920x1080.

edit2 Hm, maybe this is just a preview version of the pic or so?