Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

nice offer while in holidays :toolbox:
Multimeter for more tinkering:
has silicon case and stand solid simple


Starlink is coming! Finally switching from 900kb rural download speed to anything better. :star_struck: Downside is that my $ support a bit of Elon. At least I will be able cope better with a rolling distro again. Some of my neighbours get close to 80-100 MB :scream:

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with pictures :wink:



Carb kit Ford 3l V6 Essex engine + universal choke cable

Exactly what I always wanted. :nerd_face:


I have even weaker connection.

Why not ask them to share with you for some time daily, so that you can have the hi-speed experience for free ? :wink:
:laughing: :rofl:

Can you contact with UFO :flying_saucer: with this setup ?

:star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A home isn’t a home without one of those! :+1:

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You got it!
Wherever my espresso maker is, that’s home :rofl:

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So I’ll just shove it inside a fridge that’s at 0 Kelvin.

(i’m joking in case you can’t see that)

SoundBlasterX AE-5 Plus



Gave up on selling one of my SSD’s, so bought a new external enclosure for it:

Realized I may have too many excess SSD’s, every one of these enclosures is a 1TB SSD. The ones in the center are NVME > USB 3.2g2, the one below them is NVMe > USB 3.2g1, and the other 2 are SATA > USB 3.2g1 And I have basically nothing on any of them, they’re completely going to waste.

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Dishy arrived but since it was squared I thought it was broken and I sent it back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Actually it is still in the box, will post a pic soon, once I have high speed internet hopefully!

Like this ?



I’ve had it a few months here in Australia it’s been great, felt the same about the Elon factor but someone on here told be they don’t make any money off of it yet so that made me feel a little better

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Got my wife and I a couple of electric scooters… soo much fun!



But I wait until Tesla makes one with 200hp+ :grinning:

Yeahhh mine can go 50kmph, I’ve had it up to 48… a scooter feels very fast and a slightly scary up at those speeds lol I don’t think I need any faster k thanks.

I’m actually surprised they haven’t come out with a Tesla branded scooter tbh

They’re a lot of fun but not a toy

Yeah, it was just a joke ofc :wink:

Scooters like yours are nice but I think they are also a huge risk in traffic. People here use those on public roads in heavy traffic although I’m pretty sure it’s against the law. And many of those people also completly ignore all rules.

I’ve even seen videos of ppl riding those things on Interstates in the US…

Yes, I wish some idiots in our town understood that fact. There were already several accidents. People who are new to this “mobility devices” do not understand how unstable they are thanks to the small wheels and driving 30-40 kmph on a pavement between pedestrians is not safe.

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The riders of the rental ones are the worst I swear, I’d never get on one without at least a helmet, but you see people on rentals all the time leaving the helmet hanging

The laws vary a lot depending on your region (even state to state here in Australia)

There’s always going to be bad eggs same way there’s good and bad drivers, bike riders etc