Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

Don’t use innit around the wrong types in the US. That’s very much hillbilly speak, you’ll get beat up in some cities for using it.

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My new battlestation, for which is the reason I ended up finding EndeavourOS.



No worries, I have no plans to ever visit the US again. Not in this lifetime. Problem solved, innit?

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Now my arm is smarter than I am.


Does it have an IQ sensor?

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Something came from amazon this morning…



Been to the US seven times, last visit was 2002. When I was younger I was a huge US fan and I still like so much about it, especially the nature and the big cities and the friendly ppl, but unfortunately so much went wrong there over the last years that I just couldn’t get myself to visit again since :confused:

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I ordered some stickers :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I need old ThinkPad :smiley:


That is the best possible way to avoid that situation. In fact, that’s just the plain and simple best way to avoid ALL the situations in this country…

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The final piece of the puzzle has arrived… Until I decide to upgrade the memory… :smile:


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Where did you order this one from? :grin:

I thought about ordering some stickers also but I just can’t find a good way to remove the stickers that are already on the notebook. You know, those Intel & Nvidia and USB-Stickers. It’s like they are super glued on the machine and I’m afraid I will scratch the surface if I try to remove them. :unamused:

Amazon, as usual.

Usually either of, or a combination of, denatured alcohol (applied at the ‘available edges’) and a gentle warmth from a hair dryer will remove any sticker. Even better, if desired, once the alcohol has evaporated, the sticker can be applied elsewhere if desired!

Good luck (and patience)…

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I have removed the stickers on two laptops just by using “brute force” :sweat_smile: and re-applied them on the bottom cover. Of course your method is much more civilized.

Sometimes you get lucky - sometimes even a single-edge razor blade is not enough! Same tradeoffs as we see in package maintenance here on EnOS!

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Picked up a simple 2 port HDMI sharing switch to share one monitor. This way i can switch between my Pi 400 and EndeavourOS with the push of a button. Really happy with this low cost non powered solution.


Edit: Hot Plug Detection and Display Data Channel (DDC) compatible
Reduced Bit Rate (RBR), High Bit Rate (HBR1) , and High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2) Compatible
Platform Independent
No external powered required
Aluminum case
HDMI 2.0
4K/2K and 3D support
Bi-directional HDMI connection

$12.99 + tax

Edit2: Some KVM switches cost a fortune. I’m glad i found this simple switch to do what i wanted.

Edit3: All hooked up to a 1 ms Samsung 24" Gaming monitor now!



This is fine if it supports a hi enough res for you. I had to get a better kvm switch because supporting 4k @ 60 is not a given! I also run my sound through hdmi, so…